Monday 20 August, 2018

UN Sponsored Syrian peace talks

seryan peace talks

The U.N. Special Envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura says he is “optimistic and determined,” describing indirect peace talks between the government and the opposition as “a historic occasion” to end the country’s civil war.

The U.N.-sponsored peace talks began Friday with the absence of the main opposition bloc that says it first wants an end to Russian and government bombardment as well as lifting the siege of rebel-held areas before joining the talks.

De Mistura told reporters after meeting members of the main opposition bloc known as the Higher Negotiations Committee at a Geneva hotel on Sunday that “they deserve that I pay attention to their own concerns.”

He said opposition members have been “exchanging with me some of their own ideas and they will let you know and let me know when and how they can be part of this exercise.”

The Syrian opposition team arrived on Saturday with 17 people attending the talks and 25 people as special advisors.

It is also believed that the Syrian government is against any cease fire before coming to a solid agreement.

Bashar Jafary the Syrian representative in the UN council said that these opposition groups are terrorist and they are being financed and supported by other foreign government organization.

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