Saturday 18 August, 2018

The problem with the Afghan Military is within the leadership


General John Campbell the commander of NATO and US forces in Afghanistan has said that the problem with the Afghan Military is within the Leadership.

In a hearing by the US congress and Military heads in Washington General Campbell said that problems with the Afghan Military are within the leadership of the Defense Ministry.

Even before the hearing members of the congress and certain military figures have quoted that there are weakness signs within the leadership of the Afghan Ministry of Defense.

The US government has asked the national unity government to announce a new minister of defense and yet it still remains with a caretaker in charge.

General Campbell has voiced his concern that the Afghan Ministry of Defense is a major concern, especially with the support the US has given since 2001.

Meanwhile the Afghan military is busy and held up in 13 provinces across Afghanistan fighting against the Taliban and Daesh.

General Campbell insists that there should be a larger US Military presence after 2016. This comes at the end of General Campbell mission ends.

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