Monday 20 August, 2018

Seven members of the Haqani network operatives captured in Kabul

In a newsletter release from the National NDS office in Kabul confirmed that Special NDS Forces was involved in an operation and captured seven Haqani operatives in Kabul yesterday.

It is said that the seven Haqani terrorists was responsible for the attack on Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul. They were captured in the Howad Khel area of district nine in Kabul.

These men are named as:-

  1. Khalid (Operational Commander for the Haqani group in Kabul)
  2. Ismatullah (Propaganda Commander for Haqani group in Kabul)
  3. Noorullah (In charge of IED depo for Haqani group in Kabul)
  4. Farhad (in charge of keeping Suicide men in Kabul)
  5. Wahid (member of the Haqani group in Kabul)
  6. Bahider (member of the Haqani group in Kabul)
  7. Khoshal (member of the Haqani group in Kabul)

140 kilo of IED explosive and 2 set of Detonators with remote parts, four remote controls and four sets of mobile phones set with wires fixed to explosives. One electric capsule with explosives and one hand

These terrorists intended to use these materials to carry out attack in Kabul.

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