Saturday 18 August, 2018

Sanctions against Iran Lifted

jawad zarif

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency announced the Iranian government have stood up to their agreement with the International Community and they are working towards decreasing their Atomic Energy and we would like to announce that all trade and financial sanctions should be lifted immediately as agreed with the Iranian government.

The United Nation Security Council has been notified that Iran has fully cooperated with International Energy Atomic Agency and they have agreed that all Trade and Financial sanctions should be lifted.

In a press conference the Iranian Foreign Minister also confirmed that the Iranian government have fully cooperated and complied with the agreement with the five nation; US – China – France – Germany – United Kingdom.

The head of the European Union political office have also confirmed that Iran has fully complied with the agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency and they have also agreed that all sanctions should be lifted as agreed with Iran.

The US Secretary of State John Kerry spoke in press conference and said today America and the world feel safer because today Dangerous Arms have been destroyed and an agreement have been reached with Iran via negotiation.

John Kerry also said in the press conference today we Respect and Honor Iran for complying with the agreement and carrying out what it promised to the world and we see this as a step in the right direction towards peace and stability in the region.

John Kerry went on to say that the International Community need not to worry about Iran Arming again and they should work on bring peace in other regions such as Syria.

Meanwhile Barak Obama the US president has been in touch with the International Atomic Energy Agency and he signed the Lifting Sanction Agreement, lifting all Trade and Financial sanction against the Iranian government with over 400 companies being allowed to start trading again and over 50 billion USD held by US government which belongs to the Iranian government have to be paid back.

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