Monday 20 August, 2018

Products Made by Afghan Women Exhibited


KABUL, Wednesday, Mar 04, 2015- As the March 8 reaches the Ministry of Women together with Motakir Organization held in a 3-day exhibition. The exhibition was funded by UNFPA.

Various products such as paintings, local foods, jewels, local clothing and decorating piece were exhibited in the exhibition.

The purpose of such exhibition is promote business run by women and to encourage them getting more active role in social life, said Mozhgan Mustafawi, the acting minister for Ministry of Women Affairs.

Ms. Mustafawi said poverty is the main cause of violence against women. “The Ministry of Women together with international NGOs is committees to involve women in commercial activities so that they could reach to independence stage and financial freedom”, she added.

The year 2014 was the best year for Afghan women, because they produced more products like carpet and exported it to foreign countries.

She said women still face many troubles in the country. They lack the basic facilities in rural areas the acting minister added.

The Ministry of Women has to some extend helped women but it not enough, women still face tough situation ahead to them, a female participant told Markazi Press.

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