Saturday 18 August, 2018

Members of the Afghan Journalist Federation met President Ashraf Ghani

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Members of the Afghan Journalist Federation had a meeting with President Ashraf Ghani in the Presidential palace last night. They asked the President to hold a conference and invite all National Afghan Media from all corners of Afghanistan, so that they can express their concerns.

The Presidential palace said in this meeting last night it showed how the Afghan Journalist Federation is growing and also the media is expanding and both playing a vital role in Afghan Society.

The Afghan Journalist Federation thanked the President for his last decree for the Media in Afghanistan. In return the members of the Afghan Journalist Federation said that we will commit our self to stand by the government at all times and write the truth about terrorist attacks and crimes against humanity.

The President also added that a foundation box will be created by the government for the families of Martyred Journalist in Afghanistan and abroad. He went on to say that this foundation needs strong management and should be managed properly in order to help the family of the victims such as the black Wednesday.

The President also added that now the media plays an important and vital role in the Afghan Society and we should also encourage the Radio and TV to expose the truth to the Afghan Nation.

He went on to say that we are all in one boat and until we reach our destination we should support each other and the government of Afghanistan will support and help the media and the freedom of Humanity.

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