Saturday 18 August, 2018

Hundreds of foreign insurgence fighters have settled near the border of Tajikistan in Afghanistan

afghanistan and tajikistan border

Local Kunduz security officials have confirmed that over Two Hundred Foreign Insurgence fighters, which include 40 Tajikistani fighters, have settled near the Tajikistani border in Afghanistan.

It was also added that the Tajikistani fighters are led by a man called Mustafa Tajik which is operating between the two borders, and they are being given military training in the Kunar area. Kunduz residents have voiced their concerns and said if Imam Sahib is not cleaned properly from Taliban Insurgence.

Afghan security forces have launched military operations in the Masum area near the Tajikistan border and they say that the insurgences are using the Jungle across the Amo River and the Afghan Security says we cannot cross the border in to Tajikistan.

Both the Afghan and Tajikistan government have admitted that this is a huge problem for both countries.

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