Saturday 18 August, 2018

Gov Pays no Attention to SAARC Projects in Bamiyan


KABUL, AFGHANISTAN, Saturday 14, Feb 2015- Government has not paid any attention to SAARK programs in Bamiyan, saying members from managing commission of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation inauguration program in Bamiyan.

“Though the measurements were taken for SAARC festival in Bamiyan, yet management for it has not done accordingly”, said Mohammad Kasim Wafae Zadah.

Speaking in a seminar held in Kabul, Wafae Zadah said that president has made commitment to do whatever is required for the management of festival.

He stressed that Bamiyan as cultural capital of East Asia countries considerably brings cultural and economical significance for Afghanistan.

“Bamiyan as cultural capital of East Asia is a unique opportunity”, said Khadim Hussain Fitrat, the Mayor of Bamiyan. Expressing his concern about the festival management, he said to get Bamiyan selected as SAARC cultural capital is the biggest achievement.

Afghanistan got SAARC membership in the year 2007. Bamiyan is the first city of Afghanistan ever been selected as cultural capital of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation.

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