Saturday 18 August, 2018

Without a peace agreement 2016 is going to be a blood bath in Afghanistan

General John Campbell the head of NATO and US forces in Afghanistan have said in an exclusive interview with the BBC that without a peace […]

هشت وزیر

8 Ministers Took Oath

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN– Tuesday 03, Feb 2015– Eight ministers took oath on Monday 02, February 2015. The oath taking ceremony was officially held in presidential palace. […]

نامزاد ها

10 Nominees Elected and 9 Others Refused

KABUl: Afghan parliament casted on Wednesday 28 Jan 2015. Out 19 nominated ministers 10 got elected and 9 others were rejected. Voted Nominees Rahmatullah Nabill has […]


The Unity Government Announced The Cabinet

Kabul, Afghanistan_ The Unity Government ultimately announced the list of cabinet members on Monday 12 January 2015. The following nominees are included in the list: […]

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