Monday 20 August, 2018

Complex for Bamiyan Museum is Designed


BAMIYAN, Saturday, Feb 21, 2015- A building for Bamiyan Museum has been designed, and work on it will be beginning soon.

“The total expenditure is estimated roughly $ 4500000 and the amount will be paid by Korean government”, Gen Gholam Ali Wahdat, the acting governor of Bamiyan told Markazi Press.

After being put on tender among 117 countries, the design for Bamiyan Museum has been finalized in presence of seven international judges, Mr Wahdat added.

The acting governor says that Afghanistan Ministry of Culture, local government, UNESCO and Korean government have certified the finalized design for Bamiyan Museum and it will soon be put under work.

The building for Bamiyan Museum will be built in a hill situated in front of Buda statue.

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