Saturday 18 August, 2018

Complaints rise by Kabul Residents of crime in the Capital

crime in kabul

High number of Kabul residents are complaining of theft and armed robbery and kidnapping which is on the rise and the government is ignoring the situation.

Juma Khan a Kabul resident speaking to Markazi Press has said that at night time armed gangs are controlling most streets and roads. He also added that these criminal gangs are making life hard for local Kabul residents; the M.O.I should arrest these people at once.

Another Kabul resident called Aminullah speaking to Markazi Press said not so long ago a gang of armed criminals entered the Mosque of Waliasar in the 13 and 6 district and took all the Mosque savings.

Another Kabul residents speaking to Markazi Press said that armed criminals entered his house and took his Motor Cycle and his wives gold jewelry and mobile phone and computers. Kabul residents have serious concerns about this wave of crime in the Capital and why are the Police not tackling this huge problem.

Kabul Police have also confirmed that criminal activities have risen and they are trying to tackle this problem as soon as possible. Fraidoon Obaidy the head of criminal integration for Kabul Police have said in a news conference that in the last four months criminal activities have risen 30 percent and he also added that without the help of local residents it is very difficult for us to capture these criminals red handed.

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