Saturday 18 August, 2018

Art Exhibition held in Kabul

art exhibition art acdemy kabul

Kabul- Afghanistan Cinema Academy held an art exhibition of photo and graphic paintings. ACA (Afghanistan Cinema Academy) said that the exhibition was designed to campaign against the use of narcotics by young generation. Such exhibition of photos, paintings and other graphic pieces of art can play reductive role to reduce addition among youth, said Habiba Sadiqi, one of the organizing members of the exhibition in the inauguration program.

The “Green Future” exhibition was inaugurated by number of cultural activists, lectures and civil society activists. Mohammadi Kiyan, a member to ACA was the next speaker who said image is always more real than language. Image creates sense and belief for human. Despite all image is not valued in our society as it must be, Kiyan added. He said that art and literature change human deeply and can create sympathy among human. Kiyan specifically pointed out that cinema and art are part of national values of a nation and that is why one can say that art is neutral.

As addiction roots to one’s social psyche, it needs to be treated by art. Since art is a product of mind it can influence it. Thus art- therapy can have curing impact on addiction and we can create hope through art in the society, said Kiyan in the inauguration program. Mohammadi further said that as the root of addition goes back to human’s mind, art so on is the internal feeling of man. He believes that art-therapy can rescue the addicted. By the way art can create violence it can create hope as well. Accordingly one should not ignore the impact of art in human society, Kiyan said.

The “Green Hope” exhibition includes different art pieces from various Afghan artists. Most of the art pieces exhibited in the exhibition were with themes addiction. Murtaza Barlas, a participant from Kabul says that such exhibition can have effective role. Barlas was optimist and said that the exhibition on the other hand encourages the young artists to work more attentively. Ali Akhlaqi another participant told Markazi Press that the exhibition should be held in other provinces in order to address the issue of addition.

Moreover, this exhibition keeps running to Friday in Cinema Art Academy and right from Friday it will be shifted to Din-wa-Danish lycee. It is noted that the exhibition was conducted by Green Future Foundation and Din-wa-Danish lycee.

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