Monday 20 August, 2018
afghan cricit

Afghan Under 19 Cricket team lose against Pakistan

In the continuous challenge in the World under 19 tournament to reach the finals in Bangladesh, the Afghan under 19 team have lost to Pakistan. […]


12.3 Million Euro given by the European Union to the Afghan Government for projects of better local Governance

The European Union signed an agreement worth 12.3 million Euros with the Afghan Government for improvement and better local Governance. The money will be spent […]


The problem with the Afghan Military is within the leadership

General John Campbell the commander of NATO and US forces in Afghanistan has said that the problem with the Afghan Military is within the Leadership. […]


Third round four nation peace talks will take in Pakistan

Third round peace talks involving the US and China and Pakistan and Afghanistan will start on Saturday in Islamabad and hosted by the Pakistani government.t […]

Seven members of the Haqani network operatives captured in Kabul

In a newsletter release from the National NDS office in Kabul confirmed that Special NDS Forces was involved in an operation and captured seven Haqani […]

afghanistan jornalists

Members of the Afghan Journalist Federation met President Ashraf Ghani

Members of the Afghan Journalist Federation had a meeting with President Ashraf Ghani in the Presidential palace last night. They asked the President to hold […]

taliban bomber

A group of Taliban Suicide planners was captured in Kandahar

The Afghan NDS have announced that in a special operation a group of four Taliban suicide planners in Kandahar province was captured. The four men […]

afghanistan and tajikistan border

Hundreds of foreign insurgence fighters have settled near the border of Tajikistan in Afghanistan

Local Kunduz security officials have confirmed that over Two Hundred Foreign Insurgence fighters, which include 40 Tajikistani fighters, have settled near the Tajikistani border in […]

امنیت ملی

Meeting of Afghan and Pakistan Intelligence is Baseless

The Afghan NDS have confirmed that the high ranking meeting of the Afghan and Pakistani Intelligence chiefs is baseless. A number of Pakistani press have […]


Another Electric Cable Tower bought down by the Taliban in Baglan

In a newsletter by Brishna electric power company has said that the Taliban have bought down another huge electric cable tower in Baglan province. The […]

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