Saturday 18 August, 2018

Afghan Photo Journalist Imprisoned

نجیب الله مسافر

KABUL, Sunday, March 01, 2015- Najeeb Musafir, the famous Afghan photojournalist, has been sentenced to six months imprisonment.

Musafir has been jailed for what goes back to 2007 when he shot pictures of the female basketball players in Ghazi Stadium of Kabul for news coverage.

The pictures that Musafir had taken were later used by Etisalat Telecommunication Company for advertising purposes.

Reacting to Muasfir’s imprisonment, Sediqullah Towhidi, the director for NAI says “the current condition of journalists in the country is concerning and free press is threaten by many powerful individuals”. “The court has sentenced Najib Musafir in his absence”, he stressed.

Sediqullah furthermore said, “The pictures were taken for journalism thus Najib Musafir cannot be held accountable for anything in this regard. “Najib Musafir is not responsible in this case”, he expressed.

Najib Musafir was arrested two weeks ago in Kabul and he was sent to Pul-e-Charkhi prison after court declared six months imprisonment for him, yet his future remains uncertain and the director for NAI asked President Ghani to issue a verdict rewiring Musafir’s case again in court.

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