Saturday 18 August, 2018

Afghan Children are the Most Vulnerable Part of Society


KABUL, Monday, Mar 02, 2015- Afghan children from different provinces got together to participate in the program entitled “national children council”. The children asked the government to stop children abuse and provide them education.

“Afghan children face challenges such as laboring, trafficking and illiteracy”, said Mansorah Aazili, the children representative from Herat. She asked the government to provide schooling for children.

Farida who participated from Bamiyan said that children in Bamiyan face harsh life; they do not have access to schools and walk miles to reach the schools that lack professional teachers. She also asked the government to pay attention to the most vulnerable part of society.

“Children who live in camps are deprived of basic facilities of life”, said Syed Mujtaba Hashmi, the children representative from refugee camps. Children labor and face harshest life, he added.

National Children Council was established around a month ago. It managed many programs in provinces and now managing program in Kabul, Omran Nabizada, the in charge to NCC told Markazi Press. He said we want the government of Afghanistan and Afghan parliament to help children.


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